Verallia values welcome visitors to the Bottega del Vino at FICO EatalyWorld.

Verallia Italia a Fico

Fico - Fabbrica Italiana Contadina, the world's largest agri-food park, opened its doors on the 15th of November in Bologna, inaugurated by Italy's Prime Minister. 

10 hectares dedicated to excellence in food and wines and to the beauty of Italian agriculture and food: 

2 hectares of fields and open-air stalls with more than 200 animals and 2,000 different cultivars;
40 farm factories to see how meat, fish, cheeses, pasta, oil, cakes and beer are produced;
40 restaurants;
6 classrooms;
6 educational carousels dedicated to fire, earth, sea, animals, the bottle and the future;
shops and marketplace for shopping;
as well as a theatre, cinema, congress centre, areas dedicated to sport, children, reading and services.

Verallia is among the special guests, providing two maxi installations with a strong visual impact that communicate and enhance corporate values: 

a Bordeaux bottle, an icon of the world of wine, made by assembling 395 bottles in 5 colours and 8 different models
the Recycling Tree, a symbol of attention for the environment and to sustainability, created by artistically combining 708 bottles in 5 colours and 10 different models

Every day, the Verallia bottles will receive guests to the Bottega Del Vino and visitors to Fico, communicating the importance of glass for strong and healthy development of the Italian agri-food sector. 


L'albero del riciclo Verallia Italia