Sending our best wishes is more than just a gesture of good will.

It is an opportunity to take concrete action.

For this reason we are supporting the Breast Units in hospitals located near our plants. Units specialised in diagnosing and treating breast cancer and in the rehabilitation that follows this treatment, which also help women to deal with the psychological and physical aspects of this disease. 

People’s wellbeing is close to Verallia’s heart. A value that we wish to express by being close to women, transforming our end of year greetings into a special beginning of 2020. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Montecchio Maggiore Breast Unit - Berica 8 Local Healthcare and Social Services

Breast Unit - Savona 2 Local Healthcare Services

Breast Unit - Mantua Hospital Territorial Healthcare and Social Services 

San Bonifacio Breast Unit - Scaligera 9 Local Health and Social Care Services

San Jacopo Hospital Breast Unit, Pistoia - Central Tuscan Local Healthcare Services