Responsible aims

Verallia implements corporate social responsibility

Verallia manages the social and ethical issues involving it with sense of responsibility and efficiency.

Starting with the protection of the environment in which it operates, by adopting practices that decrease more and more the use of raw materials, reduce significantly the pollution of its industrial system in all the factories and enhance the produced waste.

A responsibility that also concerns employees. Over the years, Verallia strengthened its commitment in personnel training in terms of environment, health and safety, ensuring the employees a safe company all through the day thanks to the ongoing improvement of rules and virtuous behaviours.

Environment and safety are a constant thought for Verallia, synonymous with responsibility and quality work.


Discover Verallia’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR), available in English and French.

“At Verallia, we are proud to have been working with an exceptional material for 190 years. Glass is a healthy and infinitely recyclable material. It plays a key role in protecting the health of people and the environment. This pride is reflected in our sustainable development commitments” explains Michel Giannuzzi, Verallia Chairman and CEO, in his editorial.

This report presents Verallia’s strategy and the results obtained in 2017. It is structured around three main areas:

•   Promoting the circular economy and reducing our environmental impact

•   Protecting and developing the talent of our human equity

•   Contributing to the economic and social development of local communities



Code of Conduct

Already at the start of the new millennium Verallia had drawn up a Code of Conduct to reaffirm the principles that have guided all of its companies and its people through time. 

Today Verallia confirms the four essential values of its Code. 


Customer care
Verallia people honour the commitments made to customers. They try to anticipate their needs and respect their expectations: quality, logistics and design.
All Verallia collaborators are actively engaged to give the best of themselves and their abilities, in all circumstances. 

Respect for people, the law and the environment
All collaborators and all partners of the Group, in particular agents, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers, are responsible for complying with this value in any country in which the Group operates. They must all acknowledge and respect this Code and the other Group policies.

Responsibility and results orientation
The Verallia Group regularly defines the goals and the strategy for reaching them. It ensures correct use of the abilities of its collaborators and of their development. 
Everyone is responsible for their own goals, for implementation of the strategy and for their own results. 
The Group encourages spirit of initiative, encourages the expression and exchange of opinions, valorizes individual and collective commitment and promotes an entrepreneurial approach based on responsibility. 

Team work
The Verallia Group believes in teamwork at the service of the Group's collective success. This collective work is achieved, regardless of organizational structure, through cross-sectoral working groups (between services, between facilities, etc.).
Individually and at all Group levels, each person must be able to prove their ability to listen and engage in dialogue. 
Mutual support, courtesy and team work are encouraged and valorized. 


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