Industrial safety

Overall safety. Absolute commitment

Verallia believes in safety ethics by considering it an absolute priority. 

For this reason, it established rules that must be followed by each phase of the activities. If these rules are systematically applied, they guarantee a lower risk for the wellbeing of people, a greater product quality and production plants that respect the environment.  

Verallia invests all the possible resources in training and communication, considering them essential instruments for obtaining the observance and application of the safety standards that guarantee everyone's safety and health. 

Each employee contributes not only by observing the rules and the defined operating standards, but also by seeking for the constant improvement of the processes useful for reducing more and more the risks in the working environment. A teamwork in order not to consider the results as an unquestionable fact, never to lower one's guard and to work together for the protection network to grow stronger and stronger every day for everyone.

In order to reach the target of Zero accidents and Zero industrial disease.

Best Practise

Danger warning

Danger warning - Carcare
Indicator LEDs help truck operators to move avoiding collisions and accidents in the area of the cellars where the visibility is compromised by the lack of light and the water vapour present.


Environment - Dego
In the composition area, sand and dust are sucked by web of steel pipes ensuring in this way a clean environment and a better air quality in each furnace.

Visual communication

Visual communication – Gazzo Veronese
A totem at the entrance and other totems placed in each division indicate the compulsory PPE to be worn to access the area and carry out the specific activities of the division.

Ergonomy Lonigo

Ergonomy - Lonigo
The air near the furnaces is also clean and fresh thanks to the systems of ventilation: in this way, the employees are guaranteed the best micro-climatic conditions.

Ergonomy – Pescia

Ergonomy – Pescia
Maximum comfort is guaranteed to employees of the hot-end division. Thanks to a single control room made from innovative materials, air-conditioned and soundproof, positioned in a central area of the division such as to manage the three IS machines, maximum safety and quality of work is ensured.
Three control rooms were installed in the cold-end area, one for each production line, air-conditioned and soundproof workstations with all the instruments required for carrying out the activity on duty in maximum comfort and safety.


Communication – Villa Poma
The "Minuto Sicurezza" (Safety Minute) is the space when the personnel on duty are updated on the events of the factory, on safety, environment and quality. A workstation that thanks to the TF5 feedback system involves employees in reporting unsafe situations resolving them promptly.

Reusing water

Reusing water – Ecoglass Dego
A system was created for the wetting of external areas, the humidification of the material and for the production cycles: this system allows to reuse the end-of-cycle water of the purifier. In this way, a great amount of water is saved and the system
eco-compatibility is improved.


Hygiene – Ecoglass Lonigo
The locker rooms are divided in two areas: dirty and clean, the showers are in the middle. A set course that enables the personnel to keep separate the dirty and biohazard working clothes from clean personal clothes. Working clothes used are industrially washed and changed at every shift.