First of all sustainability

Verallia always believes in eco-sustainable development because it knows that the world today needs respect more than ever.

For this reason, it adopts in all of its factories all the required measures to weigh less on the environment.

Starting with the protection of the environment in which it operates, setting waste in the surrounding aquifers to zero, recycling the process water in closed cooling circuits of glass and machines, reducing significantly noise pollution in its factories with sound absorbent systems. Thanks to a great technological investment, Verallia Italia equipped all its factories with modern fume purification systems: bag filters and electro-filters that tap the dust and sulphur oxide produced by the smelting furnaces. As a further precaution, combustion processes preventing the issue of nitrogen oxides are activated in the furnaces.

Environmental commitment that concerns not only the factories but the product as well. The production of lighter containers allows also to save raw materials and reduce CO2 emissions. Using cullet, an infinite resource for the environment, becomes quality raw material in the factories in order to produce new glass containers. Each additional 10% of cullet used in production is equivalent to a 3% saving of melting energy and 5% saving of CO2 emissions.

Recycled glass. An infinite resource

Glass is 100 % recyclable endless times.

Verallia, through its subsidiary Ecoglass, deals with glass recycling. Collected and transformed, cullet becomes quality raw material, ready to be used again in the factories for new glass containers. Perfect as to naturalness, transparency, hygiene and safety. Perfect for the environment.

In this way, Verallia chose to manage the recycling operation completely within the company, in order to have at disposal an excellent quality level of the cullet to be used in the furnaces by minimising machine shop rejections in the cullet treatment process.

The closed loop recycling system