Demanding certifications. Reliable guarantees

Verallia Italia has received ISO 9001 certification for its Business Management System for quality and customer service and ISO 14001 certification for environmental protection regarding atmospheric emissions, water reflux and diligent waste management, OHSAS 18001 for the employees’ health and safety management system. Verallia Italia has recently received for Gazzo Veronese plant the FSSC 22000 certification for Food Safety with the objective to extend the management scheme to all Verallia Italia’s plants.

ISO 9001
Certifies the company capability of making its own production flows transparent and its own internal organisation more efficient.

ISO 14001
Means compliance with the law, the knowledge  of environmental commitments, knowledge of what to do in order to reduce the impact and how to manage it, how to improve environmental performance.

OHSAS 18001
Guarantees the best practices and a solid commitment to continuos improvements in regard to health and safety of their employees.

FSSC 22000
Guarantees agri-food safety standards on productive processes to offer our customers the safest and healthiest containers.