I riprodotti, auteur operation

I riprodotti: auteur operation

With the "I riprodotti" collection, Verallia aims at experimenting the endless re-using ways by means of two objects that accompany our everyday life: glass bottles and jars. They go beyond the functionality related to the first use and they are presented in a completely new way through assemblage, joints, reassembling.

The ironic and creative operation is signed by glass artists and speaks once more of the endless lives of glass.



La risedia La risedia
Alberto Gambale
The chair with tree feet is created by combining standard 10.6 cl jars and half flint 75 cl champagne-type Collio bottles for seats full of imagination.

La riscarpa La riscarpa
Marco Cantigotto
The amber shoe is made of standard beer, the flint one with standard syrup. They are perfect for taking a marvellous stroll.

Il rivassoio Il rivassoio
Alberto Gambale
The tray is created with classical 75 cl blue champagne-type Collio bottles and it opens like a flower to contain fruits, compositions and so on.

Il riappendiabiti Il riappendiabiti
Alberto Gambale
The multiple wall coat hook is created in small SE 20 cl AG green champagne-type bottle to hang a bit of everything that you take with you in life.

Il riciglatto Il riciglatto
Alberto Gambale
The riciglatto is created with champagne-type bottles having different capacities and has more lives than a cat because it can be recycled endless times and is always like new again.

Il rifiore Il rifiore
Alberto Gambale
The flower is made with a combination of standard beers in green and amber, 25 cl bordelaise-type in AG green and 314 flint jars. A natural resource for growth respecting the environment and health.

La risedia

La riscarpa

Il rivassoio

Il riappendiabiti

Il riciglatto

Il rifiore