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Verallia is not only a supplier of bottles and jars, but also a valuable partner for companies that believe in the value of glass packaging and want to develop customised products or search for technical solutions best suited to specific production requirements. Whether this means identifying shapes and colours that communicate the values of the product or technical solutions for production lines, the Verallia Team works closely with its customers, a dialogue that brings quality, innovation and change, projecting both parties toward the future of glass.       

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VeralliaLab, Innovation Team and some successful case histories for the markets of tomorrow.



Fratelli Martini, a new personalized container

for sparkling wines

The new container respects all of the project requirements and will be produced in different colors: AG - MB - RB. In response to the client’s specific needs to optimize the production lines, the production of one container that can be personalized in various ways will be adopted.

The refined design lends the bottle an elegant line which is strengthened  by the base and embellished with incisions. The importance of the base is also noted in the personalization of the writings found there while the front carries the product logo.

This is a container that requires particular attention during production due to the shape of the base and the presence of the centering notch and the incisions on both the base and the body of the bottle.

Canti Fratelli Martini




The brief
Request for extending the range by Mutti, always attentive to quality and innovation in the name of tradition, and subsequent design of small size containers using the line of the current tomato sauce of 72.

The project
Realisation of some graphic proposals, also in size 30, with their 3D models. Identifying size 25 as the best choice.

Production characteristics
Not particularly complex production. It derives from a size 72 container that over the years has been brought to a high degree of performance with regard to the distribution of glass and stability, with foot designed to optimise practicability and stacking during transportation and parking.

Characteristics of the new product
2 new sizes are developed for singles and mini-families, targets with little time for preparing meals, but who do not want to give up the Mediterranean cuisine:

  • 31.5 Mutti tomato sauce: two new products, ready sauce of cherry tomatoes and a base for mushrooms, are ready for launching it;
  • 25 Mutti tomato sauce that will be already on the shelves in June.


Monari Federzoni

(CENTENNIAL SYNTHESIS 26.6 and 52 Colour AG)

The brief
Characterisation of a container on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the company without intervening on the production lines.

The project
Interpreted the indications of the customer's graphic agency, made some 3D models to define the logo, re-carved a series of moulds by inserting the new logo.

Production characteristics
Container that requires a special care in the distribution of glass for the shape of the foot and the presence of the centring tally.

Characteristics of the new product

  • Enrichment of the current container, developed by Verallia in 2009, with the inclusion of a logo important for celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the company.
  • Inserting a decor that expresses its values:
    • the link with the land through the vine leaf, the origin of the product;
    • the link with the tradition through number 100 of the anniversary that marks this year.
Monari Federzoni