The Verallia Italia people

Verallia can count on people that are ahead of time

The Verallia people represent the strong point in the solution of each technical, commercial, managerial and logistic problem. Their desire to listen before resolving. Their capability of fully understanding and sharing the growth strategies of the most different company situations that want the best for their product and for the consumer. Under the sign of constant attention to the environment.

Customer  Service

Wine and Sparking Wine Area/Export: Simone De Angeli
Tel. 0039 0444 725772
simone.deangeli [at]

Food Area: Sara Riedo 
Tel. 0039 0444 725739
sara.riedo [at]

Beers/International Customers/Spirits: Debora Faccin 
Tel. 0039 0444 725779
debora.faccin [at]

Customer Service