Ecovà: a choice with great contents.

There is more than meets the eye in Ecovà’s new line of jars, oil, tomato sauce and T water. They possess the same esthetic and mechanical characteristics of standard products, which means that clients can use the same production lines, but they’re lighter and eco-conceived in the geographically closest plant in order to be less of a burden on nature.  
Choosing Ecovà means showing a commitment to environmental sustainability without giving up industrial advantages.

A question of good attitude.

Ecovà is more than Verallia’s most ecological line; it’s also an attitude that concerns every aspect of container life. A global approach, a production philosophy that involves our clients in the shared development of jars and bottles that speak for a new way of thinking and acting, that care about people and the environment.

An industrial goal, a success for the environment.

With the production of a billion containers, Ecovà has saved 100 thousand tons of raw materials and has reduced Co2 emissions by about 18%, including transportation.s.