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è  Verallia

"è Verallia" is the house organ of Verallia Italia, the six-monthly journal widening on Group strategies, with reflections and commentaries covering all aspects of the world of glass. 


è Verallia n°38

è Verallia - december 2011

Number 37, December 2011

Verallia is betting on the vowel "e".

Change and continuity are the two key concepts that Verallia Italia will carry forward from today with a new energy. Two concepts that involve and complete both the new appointments at management level and the firm's future choices.

 è Verallia - september 2011

Number 36, September 2011

Green issue.

Verallia is working every day to bring about a new pact between man and nature that will open the way to a better future for everyone, with a view to eco-sustainable development backed up by choices that were made a long time ago.

 è Verallia - december 2010

Number 35, December 2010

Difference is culture, unity is strength.

At the Salone del Gusto 2010, Slow Food aims at the importance of the territory and at the strength of its image. And the Proximity on the territory and the Strength of the Group are the values on which Verallia is also based, supporter of the non profit social organisation called Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and of the Italian Presidia.

è Verallia - july 2010

Number 34, July 2010

è Verallia.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to present VERALLIA, the new brand for all the glass packaging businesses of Saint-Gobain.