Responsible aims

Verallia implements corporate social responsibility

Verallia manages the social and ethical issues involving it with sense of responsibility and efficiency.

Starting with the protection of the environment in which it operates, by adopting practices that decrease more and more the use of raw materials, reduce significantly the pollution of its industrial system in all the factories and enhance the produced waste.

A responsibility that also concerns employees. Over the years, Verallia strengthened its commitment in personnel training in terms of environment, health and safety, ensuring the employees a safe company all through the day thanks to the ongoing improvement of rules and virtuous behaviours.

Environment and safety are a constant thought for Verallia, synonymous with responsibility and quality work.

Principles of Conduct and Action

Verallia bases its development on values that guide it every day.

All the collaborators share the Principles of Conduct and Action and their application is a condition for belonging to the Group.

Verallia acts on a daily basis by adopting the same values.

5 Principles of Conduct:

  • professional commitment
  • respect for others
  • integrity
  • loyalty
  • solidarity

These basic values provide a common ground for all the employees and govern the actions of each collaborator.

4 Principles of Action:

  • respect for the law
  • caring for the environment
  • worker healthy and safety
  • the respect for the workers' rights governs the actions of everyone when carrying on their work